How To Find Out If Someone Is A Catfish? — 5 Red Flags You Can Spot Easily

You’ve met this great guy on a dating app, but his phone camera mysteriously broke when you asked him to FaceTime?

You might say that sounds a little bit fishy… But don’t worry, today we’ll show you how to find out if someone is a catfish.

First, what does it mean to be catfished? You’ve probably heard of it, if only through the MTV show.

Catfishing happens when someone you’ve met on the internet lies to you about their identity.

They might pretend to be a different age, have a made-up career, and most of all, they might be sending you photos of other people pretending to be them!

Why do they do it? Perhaps they’re lonely, they’re playing around, or they might be running a scam and trying to get their hands on your hard-earned money.

No matter the reason, it’s best to nip it in the bud!

5 Major Signs You’re Being Catfished

It doesn’t matter whether you met on a dating app, a Facebook group, or they followed you on Instagram.

If you find asking yourself, “am I being catfished”? Or, have a nagging suspicion that the man you’re talking to might not be who he really is?

If something feels off, it’s time to investigate, and we’ve got you covered.

Read on for some Catfishing 101: how to find out if someone is a catfish & how to deal with them if they are.

1. Things Seems Too Good to Be True

Does he love everything you love, and dislike everything you dislike? Do you catch him conveniently changing his opinion when it differs from your own?

He might be your soulmate, but if you’re not sure his story checks out, he may just be using a tactic often employed by catfishers.

They tend to bend reality to charm their way into your heart, and sometimes, your wallet.

2. They NEVER Show Their Face

It all comes crashing down when you ask him for more photos or to video chat. His phone is now broken, his laptop too, and all of a sudden he hates taking pictures.

In this day and age, everyone who uses an online dating service also has access to a camera of some sort. Keep that in mind if he continues making excuses.

3. They’re Lonely and Have No Friends

While it’s important to respect your online flame’s privacy, if you want to know how to avoid being catfished, don’t underestimate the importance of his social media profiles.

If he seemingly has no friends, no tagged photos of him in it, or any other signs of interaction — something could be off.

4. They Avoid Meeting in Person

When the day comes, his boss makes him work late …his”job” takes him around the world …his flight gets cancelled …his family needs urgent help. The excuses never end, and you start feeling hopeless about getting to know them in person.

One of the most common catfishing tips online resources have to offer is to be wary of someone who continually cancels on you. There’s only so much that can happen to prevent your digital love from turning to reality.

5. They Always Asks For Financial Help

However, if your online beau always needs help, hold on to that bank transfer for a little bit longer.

You should never send money to someone whose identity you haven’t thoroughly verified. If you’ve never met in person, and he keeps asking you for money — be careful, he could be using you.

How to Prevent Being Catfished?

The question is, how to catch a catfish online? It’s not like you can go to his house and see for yourself — odds are he won’t allow that to happen.

Don’t worry; you can be your own private investigator with a little help. There are ways to find out whether your crush is a catfish or not because they always leave footprints.

1. Reverse Image Search

Simply right-click a few of his photos, copy their address, and paste it into the image search function on Google.

If there’s a match — you’ll know exactly where that photo came from giving the catfish away, well unless, of course, those images lead back his catfishing social profiles.

2. Check His Social Media

Take a look at photos, friend interactions, posts, and check-ins. You should easily be able to tell organic interactions apart from fake ones. Google his name to check if it comes up anywhere in the search.

3. Don’t Rush In

Keep a steady head on your shoulders and let him work for it. While love at first sight exists, it’s much harder to fall in love at the first text.

If He’s Real, You’ll Know

If there’s one ultimate catfishing advice we can give you, it’s to be wary about who you’re talking to on the internet, especially in the dating circles or places.

Don’t worry about accidentally becoming too doubtful — trust your instincts. In an ideal online connection, you should never be left to doubt whether the person real or not.

Were you catfished? Block him, delete your message history, and dust yourself off. You’ve emerged victorious from an important lesson! Who knows, perhaps this unfortunate experience will be the catalyst that helps you find REAL love?

Originally published at on October 23, 2020.

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